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Here to help: membership research

A look at an online survey that members are set to receive as part of a research programme to improve IBMS offerings.

Over the past few years, both the profession and the IBMS have undergone significant changes. The IBMS is now launching a 2022–2026 Strategy for the next stage of its development and requires insights to enable it to deliver its new strategy. The aim of the research is to obtain from members, lapsed members and non-members, perceptions of the IBMS, the membership offer and where there are opportunities to improve the membership offering, activities, perceived value, and engagement.

Research by Design is an independent market research company that has been commissioned to undertake this research. Research by Design operates under the Market Research Society’s Code of Conduct, which ensures that research participants’ anonymity is protected and that information provided is kept strictly confidential.

Research by Design will be undertaking the programme of research on behalf of the IBMS and the research will be amongst all IBMS members and those who have left within the last two years, as well as non-members.

The research programme includes:

  1. Stakeholder conversations
  2. Qualitative research with members, lapsed and non-members (in-depth interviews)
  3. An online survey to all IBMS members.

For the online survey, Research by Design will send email invitations to participate in the survey on behalf of the IBMS. The email “from” address in this instance will likely say “The IBMS” or “Research by Design on behalf of the IBMS” followed by our software server email address.

Each email contains a survey link allowing the recipient to be directed straight to their own version of the online survey. Reminder emails are sent at intervals throughout the fieldwork period to help encourage participation.

This survey is likely to take around 10 minutes to complete, but this does depend on the answers you provide and the number of comments you wish to make.

If the survey has not been submitted (by pressing “submit” on the final page) you can log back into the survey using the link on the emails to continue where you left off at any time. Each time you move to a new page of the survey your responses are saved.

However, if you have submitted the survey, amendments are not possible.

Once you have reached the final page of the survey you will be provided with a submit button at the bottom of the page. Your responses will be sent automatically to Research by Design. If you do not complete the survey, then your saved answers may still be used in the analysis.

All responses from the online survey will be aggregated and reported together. Qualitative insights will be reported thematically. All of your responses will remain anonymous and confidential. Specific comments will not be attributed to any individual (unless you agree otherwise).  

The survey emails are due to be sent out in the second half of August. For more information, email [email protected]

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