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Here to help: Let us dive right in to 2021

Richardia Penn, Education Manager at the IBMS, gives an update on the latest developments.

As we prepare for the release of our upcoming events and processes, we continue to encourage your feedback on activities and changes we implement to ensure we provide you with the tools and support you need to continue your career development while offering the level of service you deserve.

We look forward to hosting several portfolio verifier and examiner training days this year and welcome those of you keen to support our candidates during the final stages of the qualification to join our pool of Registration Training Portfolio Verifiers and Specialist Portfolio Examiners. To do so, be sure to keep an eye on our training team information page for the release of our upcoming training event dates ( and don’t forget to submit your completed application form (  

We truly appreciate the continued support from our current external assessors and would like to not only thank you for all your hard work but also encourage you to continue to provide support and guidance for fellow developing biomedical scientists by coming forward to carry out pending virtual assessments.

We also welcome back the IBMS Support Hub for another year of activities to give each of you the opportunity to tune in to whichever event best suits you. We understand that some of you may not have the time to attend all events or an event you were really interested in so, to make things a bit easier, we will continue to host each Support Hub event between the hours of 1pm and 2pm weekdays. We also upload the recorded live sessions for you to view in your own time on our website Support Hub page, so feel free to visit the page by searching “IBMS Support Hub” on our website or via to check out previous and upcoming events and book your place.

Last February we introduced the first ever Certificate of Competence by Equivalence portfolio preparation day offering candidates admitted onto the route an event that we hope would prepare and guide them for the duration of the programme. After a great turnout and such positive feedback we look forward to hosting this event again this year for the new cohort, offering them as much support as we can to aid in their successful completion. In 2020 we also extended the application period for the Equivalence route, now allowing those interested, and who believe they meet the requirements, to request their application packs from the month of August, giving you a head start for preparing your application and supporting documents for consideration.

We have also now released the new Clinical Microbiology Portfolio to our Clinical Scientist Certificate of Attainment Experiential Route. With the new discipline ready for applications, we are happy to have had the opportunity to offer another option on the list for our members that meet the criteria for this route. For those interested, be sure to request an application pack to apply by visiting our Experiential Route to HCPC registration webpage to review the guidance for candidates for further information ( and express your interest in the route by emailing the Education Department ([email protected]) to receive your application packs now.   

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