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Here to Help: Free IBMS Congress talks pt.2

Jocelyn Pryce, IBMS Deputy Head of Education, highlights complimentary talks and workshops in Hall 4 over the four days of Congress 2019.

On Tuesday 24 September, the IBMS Head of Examinations, Chris Ward, will be unveiling the outcomes of the work of the Higher Specialist Diploma (HSD) review group.

Representatives from each of the IBMS advisory panels formed the group and it has been led by the Deputy Chief Executive, Sarah May. The group has been working to ensure that this, one of the IBMS’ most important qualifications, continues to help prepare candidates for senior roles within their organisation. This session will outline the changes to both the portfolio requirements and examination for this qualification.

Later in the morning, Examiners from the IBMS/RCPath Conjoint Boards will be providing tips and advice on best practice, strategies for planning time and boosting confidence, as well as highlighting challenges candidates might face and potential solutions when pursuing our Histological Dissection and Histopathology Reporting qualifications.

This will be valuable not only to those undertaking, or thinking of undertaking, these popular qualifications, but also those who are supporting their colleagues through that process.

On Wednesday 25 September, the IBMS Executive Head of Education, Alan Wainwright, will be giving a Specialist Portfolio update that will be aimed at both candidates and training officers. This talk will draw together the expectations of those undertaking this qualification and offer suggestions on how to manage these in the context of the ever-changing profile of laboratories. Additionally, it will consider how this qualification might be revised and restructured going forward to better reflect the needs of the workforce in a modernised pathology structure.

On Wednesday afternoon we will be putting science and research under the microscope, and looking at ways of communicating scientific advances. Clinical biomedical science and biomedical science in research should 
be closely aligned, but in the past this alignment may not have been overt. Contemporary practitioners of biomedical science are expected to be omni-competent and our talks will explore ways to gain confidence in research communication. They will include skills required to write a successful scientific paper, review scientific literature and how to present a scientific subject to an audience. Guidance will be given on how to approach research with a critical eye, recognising strong, high-quality research and how it might impact on your own development. Communication of a scientific subject can require a complex set of skills and our talks will cover 
areas such as adapting your approach to meet the needs of your target audience and ensuring clarity in the message you want to convey.

We hope that these articles have whetted your appetite and encouraged you to consider attending one or more of these sessions. There will be a great deal to see and do at Congress, even if you can only join us for a single day. Please remember that everything in Hall 4 is free to attend so why not create CPD opportunities for yourself by joining us? We look forward to seeing you there! The latest information can be found on the IBMS Congress website –   

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