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Here to help: Changes to my CPD

Donna Torrance, the IBMS Head of Learning and Development, explains how members should prepare for a new CPD system.

Later this month, along with our brand-new website, a new, more user-friendly version of “My CPD” will be launched for IBMS members to access as a benefit of their membership. The new system is designed to meet HCPC CPD Standards and to be easier to download and present your records along with your evidence, should you be audited.

Important changes are coming – get ready

Unfortunately, with moving to the new system we will not be able to migrate any of the activities or evidence from your current CPD record held within My IBMS. We can only transfer the data we currently hold on your active CPD diploma to our new CPD system.

Therefore, you are responsible for downloading any activities, reflections and evidence you wish to keep and store on our current CPD system. The deadline to do this is Sunday 22 May 2022. Anything not removed by the deadline will be deemed to be no longer required and will be deleted.

If you’re already logging CPD or you would like to start soon, there are some important actions we need you to take before we start to prepare for the switchover.

If you have an active IBMS CPD diploma record

You will need to:

  • Download and store your CPD record. Your My CPD history and evidence files will not be transferred to the new website.
  • Login to My CPD and save your activities using the PDF or CSV button under CPD history.

To save any files attached as evidence, you can download them by editing the activity and then selecting the file. This will automatically download the file to your device.

Please note, if you want to keep a record of your past diplomas, you must download and save it from your records by Sunday 22 May 2022.

If you are part way through an IBMS CPD diploma

If you are unable to reach 24 activities prior to the switchover of the IBMS CPD system, please download the activities you have added so far to the active diploma (see steps above).

Journal-Based Learning (JBL)

JBL users will have found that the deadlines for the current site will be shortened to expire before the new website and CPD system are in place. Once both are live, you will find new JBLs to complete, however, we will not be able to transfer any data from the old site regarding JBLs you have already taken.

This is the first phase of development as we move to a new website and CPD system. We intend to continue to develop the website to support stronger professional communities among the membership. This is just the beginning of the digital improvements we intend to make, we will update members on further developments as they progress.   

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