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Here to help: 10 registration facts

The IBMS Registration Team receives large numbers of questions, ranging from simple to the very complex. Jocelyn Pryce highlights 10 of the most common answers to members’ questions.

Scientists in lab
  1. As well as being the professional body for biomedical scientists, the IBMS is an education provider and awarding body approved by the HCPC for a number of routes to HCPC registration.
  2. The IBMS Registration Training Portfolio and Certificate of Competence is a process by which individuals provide evidence that they have met the competencies required of the HCPC standards of proficiency, are fit to practice at threshold level as a biomedical scientist and are, therefore, eligible to apply for professional registration with the HCPC.
  3. IBMS Registration Training Portfolios can only be completed in laboratories holding IBMS training approval at the pre-registration level.
  4. The time limits have recently been removed from our current Version 4 Registration Portfolios, however, evidence must be within three years of the date of verification. There is an expiry limit of three years on older versions of the portfolios and all holders of Version 3 must complete by December 2018.
  5. The verification visit should be about satisfaction there is evidence that the candidate can work to the standards of proficiency and not about the technical aspects, therefore, the verifier needs to be reassured that the standard has been met rather than HOW it has been met.
  6. Verifiers do not need to be discipline specific.
  7. As the evidence requirements for the version 3 and version 4 portfolios differ, the duration of the tour has been extended from 30 minutes for Version 3 to 40 minutes for version 4, so that verifiers have a chance to probe understanding in areas where the evidence may be weaker.
  8. The verifier report form should be returned to the IBMS Registration Team within one week of the visit and the candidate will not be referred to the HCPC until that form is received and the award of the IBMS Certificate of Competence confirmed.
  9. The verifier form gives feedback on the candidate and the lab training and the lab feedback form gives information about the IBMS processes and feedback on the verifier. The combination of this gives robustness to all aspects of the verification process.
  10. We are often asked why the verification process can sometimes take a long time, and this can be for a variety of reasons. Our verifiers are volunteers who offer their time, often using annual leave to do so, to assess the biomedical scientists of the future. The whole process operates on goodwill and the enthusiasm of those who volunteer. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is involved in the training and verifying of our candidates and wish you all well for 2018.


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