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February Tech News

Latest tech news for February. 

PCR workstations

Syngene, a manufacturer of image analysis solutions, is now supplying the AirClean AC600 series of PCR workstations.

Some of the workstations include HEPA filtration and all use UV irradiation to minimise risk of airborne DNA contamination, saving time by producing consistent quality DNA from their PCR.

Syngene’s AC600 series PCR workstations feature sturdy polycarbonate cabinets with built-in 254 nm UV lighting to irradiate surfaces.


Genome editing

Promega has signed a license agreement with MilliporeSigma to access MilliporeSigma’s foundational CRISPR genome-editing technology.

Under the agreement, Promega will create new research products for investigating endogenous biology, including those for drug development. These will allow researchers to better read the physiological or natural levels of protein expression, providing a more accurate understanding of protein behaviour.  



Carbapenemase detection

The new Mast Isoplex cre-art kit for the rapid molecular detection of carbapenemase-producing organisms has been launched.

It delivers rapid results with 15 minutes hands-on time and 30 minutes run time. It’s ready-to-use, with lyophilised pellets containing all primers and reagents and highly sensitive and specific, giving confidence in results.

It is a loop-mediated isothermal amplification kit for the detection and characterisation of the seven most prevalent carbapenemase families.  



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