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Adaptable and innovative

David Wells, the new IBMS Chief Executive, says members are finally getting the recognition that they deserve.

It’s been a great honour to step into the role of IBMS Chief Executive at this time. The profession’s profilehas never been greater and our skills never more appreciated. That much was clear on Biomedical Science Day – when the IBMS’s promotion of the profession was echoed with just as much gusto by lots of major healthcare and political voices and organisations.

It seems we have finally been granted some of the recognition that we deserve and I’m determined to make the most of this moment.

The last year and a half has shown how adaptable and innovative we are as a profession and, as technology advances and the UK diagnostics industry expands, there will be opportunities for us to create and adopt new models of working. I hope to make sure that the IBMS is there to support members through any strategic changes the profession faces, and facilitate every professional pathway that these open up.

One of the most interesting things to come out of this period is that we have all come to realise how well digital mediums can enable professional progress and connectivity. The IBMS started doing virtual verifications for our portfolios and we are now going to keep this system in place after lockdown – saving lots of time and effort for anybody who prefers it that way. Eventually, I would also like to see the portfolios and their modules fully digitised – alongside our growing range of eLearning and CPD – so that the IBMS website becomes somewhere that you come to learn and reflect on your skills and professional progress.

Most important of all is that we continue to provide a voice for our members – and we can only do this if we listen. So, if there is anything that you think we as a professional body need to look into or make a statement about please remember that we have a system in place for all of our members to request a position statement. Suggestions for topics and the rationale behind the suggestion should be sent by email to [email protected] entitled “IBMS Position Statement” so that it can be forwarded to me and the appropriate IBMS Council and Specialist Panel members to consider.

I hope to hear some great ideas so that the IBMS can keep on leading the profession into the future with its members’ needs truly at its core.


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