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What's hot and what's not

What's hot and what's not – August 2021. 


Spiders’ webs

US immunologists have discovered a previously unknown mechanism that acts like a spider web, trapping and killing pathogens, such as influenza or SARS-CoV-2.



Chestnut trees

Scientists have isolated  a molecule, extracted from the leaves of the European chestnut tree, with the power to neutralise drug-resistant staphylococcal bacteria.





Wisdom teeth

Patients who had their wisdom teeth extracted had improved tasting abilities decades after having the surgery, a new study claims.





Screen time

A new national study found that children in the US with greater screen time usage at ages 9–10 are more likely to gain weight one year later.






All-Party Parliamentary Groups

Sixteen of 146 health-related All-Party Parliamentary Groups received over £1m in payments from 35 pharma companies during 2012–18, according to a new study.





Heart failure

An observational study of more than 200,000 individuals found that patients with heart failure are more likely to develop cancer compared with their peers without heart failure.




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