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Thirteen regions still to agree pathology model

In a second annual update on a scheme to network trusts’ pathology services, NHS England/Improvement revealed that 13 out of 29 regions have yet to formally commit to new pathology models.

However, 16 regions have formally agreed new models, which is three more than the 13 which had reached such agreements in September 2018.

NHS England/Improvement wants all proposed networks to agree new pathology models, which are planned to deliver at least £200m in savings by 2020-21.

When the scheme launched in 2017 it was hoped all the networks would achieve formal agreement by January 2018.

The 29 proposed networks range from two to 12 trusts and were given a savings target which the NHS now describes as “conservative.”

The plan has proven controversial in some areas, with The Royal College of Pathologists reporting concerns about the impact on staff and lack of investment in new equipment and IT.

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