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Tech news: November

This month's top tech news stories

Integra Biosciences

Pipetting robot

Integra Biosciences is giving labs an opportunity to win an Assist Plus pipetting robot. The Assist Plus automates multichannel pipettes and is ideal for a variety of different applications, from PCR to immunoassays.

It is designed to free up time, help streamline daily pipetting tasks and minimise the risk of errors or operator-to-operator variability. For information and to enter the competition, visit the website.


CN Bio

Oncology Service

CN Bio, a leading organ-on-a-chip company that designs and manufactures single- and multi-organ microphysiological systems, has launched its oncology service in response to the global need to improve cancer drug discovery approval rates. The ability of existing approaches to mimic the dynamic drug concentrations in the human body is limited, but the oncology service enables the creation of human and animal PK profiles and applies them to 3D tumour models and organoids.


Microscope module

CrestOptics, a manufacturer of high-end microscopy solutions and advanced systems for fluorescence microscopy and diagnostic applications, has launched DeepSIM – a super-resolution module designed to enhance the imaging capabilities of confocal microscope systems.

The DeepSIM module can be used with Crest’s X-light V3 spinning disk, or alternative confocal systems, to offer high-resolution images for life science researchers.


Image credit | Crest Optics |Bio Innovations 2021|Integra-Biosciences


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