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New vaccine boosts hopes of eliminating meningococcal meningitis

A trial of a new vaccine against meningococcal disease, a cause of meningitis and blood poisoning, has found that it is safe and induces a strong immune response across five serogroups of meningococcal bacteria: A, C, W, Y and X.

The phase 3 trial compared the immune response generated by the new pentavalent vaccine NmCV-5 against that of the licensed quadrivalent MenACWY-D vaccine in 1800 healthy 2–29-year-olds in Mali and The Gambia.

After 28 days, across all ages, the immune responses generated by a single dose of NmCV-5 were generally higher than those generated by MenACWY-D.

In addition, NmCV-5 induced a strong immune response to the emerging meningococcal X serogroup for which there is currently no licensed vaccine.

The trial found no safety concerns with NmCV-5.

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