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June: COVID-19 tech news

Latest tech news for June.


NanoPass is joining forces with leading vaccine and immunotherapy companies around the world to share its proprietary MicronJet microneedle device to enable the development of a safe, effective and affordable vaccine to help in the fight against COVID-19.

The MicronJet microneedle device can target immune cells of the skin by harnessing the skin’s potent immune system to improve vaccines and/or to dramatically reduce the dose while achieving the same immunity.

The company’s technology is backed up by more than 55 completed and ongoing clinical studies with various vaccines and vaccine platforms, including pandemic (H1N1, H5N1) and seasonal flu and live attenuated VZV vaccine.


Ozonated water

A water treatment company is seeking support to develop its existing proven water treatment solution, making it small enough 
to fit underneath every sink in healthcare environments.

The device, once fitted, will mean taps can deliver ozonated water with the ability to kill bacteria and viruses on contact.

The company’s founder, Trevor Costello, is seeking support to engineer a smaller version of the solution that could fit beneath every sink, allowing the delivery of biocidal water with the power to kill COVID-19, MRSA and other harmful pathogens on contact.


Vaccine partnership

Vaccitech and the University of Oxford announced an agreement with the UK-based global biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca for the further development, large-scale manufacture and potential distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine candidate currently being trialled by the university.

The candidate was developed by the university’s Jenner Institute, which has started trials in humans jointly with the university’s Oxford Vaccine Group.

It is the first such partnership to be formed since the Government launched its dedicated Vaccines Taskforce.


Sample Processing

Hamilton Company and Zymo Research Corporation announced that the MagEx STARlet assay ready workstation is available pre-scripted with the Quick-DNA/RNA Viral MagBead Kit protocol to extract pure DNA/RNA from the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2.

The jointly developed automated solution offers significant advantages compared to manual processing of samples via methods such as spin columns.

Zymo Research’s Quick-DNA/RNA Viral MagBead Kit extracts and purifies viral DNA and RNA from plasma, serum, urine, cell culture media and blood, among others.


Antibody library

ProteoGenix, a global leader in antibody production, has announced the first Human Immune COVID-19 library for the fast discovery of potent antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.

The library, created using blood samples from dozens of recovered COVID-19 patients, is adapted for screening with phage display and strives to meet the rising demands for effective antibodies for a broad range of applications.

The library’s vast diversity (1.2 x 1010 different clones) allied to the fast turnaround time and sensitivity of the screening technology, are intended to fast-track the discovery of antibodies with the strongest affinity, specificity, and viral blocking activity.


Diagnostic report

In its brand new report COVID-19 Diagnostics, global market research firm IDTechEx benchmarked more than 100 commercial devices across various technologies





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