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The journey of a sample

For Healthcare Science Week, which ran from 8 to 17 March, the IBMS made three videos that detail what happens to samples given at GP surgeries.

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A lot of patients are not aware that their samples are sent to hospital laboratories where skills and expertise are used to analyse them and produce detailed reports.

So the Institute created three animated sample journey videos, which can be accessed at

The short minute-and-a-half videos present the stories of three patients whose tissue, urine and blood samples are analysed by biomedical scientists in histopathology, microbiology and biochemistry laboratories.

All three animations focus on the skills involved in the processing of samples and how the work of biomedical scientists affects patient outcomes.  

The IBMS is running a related poster competition, details of which are published on page 39. For more information and to request extra posters and leaflets, email [email protected]

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