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IBMS strategy published

After consultation with its members, the IBMS has announced its new corporate strategy for 2018 to 2020.


In forming the strategy, the changing external environment and membership expectations were carefully considered.

It was agreed that the IBMS would develop a plan that explicitly reaches out to all those in biomedical science, and does so across the four nations and beyond.

The strategy’s key themes are: influence and engagement for members; knowledge, expertise and competence; organisation and governance infrastructure.

IBMS President Alison Geddis said: “We received many positive comments on the direction of the strategy, especially on raising the profile of biomedical science.

“Although there is much hard work to do in this area, I am looking forward to working together with our members to achieve this.”

The consultation can be accessed and downloaded from the IBMS website.



Picture credit: iStock

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