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IBMS comments on 10-year plan

The IBMS has responded to NHS England’s 10-year plan to modernise services.

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The 136-page plan was published in January after ministers announced that the budget will be increased by £20bn a year by 2023.

The report states that digital technology will be used to support the NHS in delivering high-quality specialist care more efficiently.

It says: “By 2021, pathology networks will mean quicker test turnaround times, improved access to more complex tests and better career opportunities for healthcare scientists at less overall cost.”

It also adds that by 2023 new diagnostic imaging networks will have been introduced that will enable the rapid transfer of clinical images.

IBMS President Alison Geddis said: “Biomedical science has a central role to play in delivering the high quality pathology services that underpin the NHS Long Term Plan.

“The IBMS is encouraged that cancer diagnosis is at the forefront. However, we call for the government to ensure that other, equally important, diagnostic pathways are considered. The right tests performed at the right times can greatly enhance patient outcomes and lead to a healthier population.

“Whilst we welcome any significant funding for the NHS in England, we hope that the government will address our members’ fears that an increasing workload without the corresponding increase in staff numbers puts more pressure on biomedical science staff working in laboratories.”

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