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At the heart of healthcare

We should celebrate the one billion tests that highly skilled biomedical scientists and laboratory staff perform every year.

David Wells, the new IBMS Chief Executive, is the man behind this statement.

On Biomedical Science Day he published a series of tweets highlighting the vital work of IBMS members.

This includes maintaining high-quality services throughout the pandemic – not just in tackling COVID-19.

He also flagged up the importance of the international workforce, with IBMS members in 74 countries around the world and called on the government to fund more training places.

“We are short of staff #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare – and the pandemic has shown just how vital the staff #BehindEveryTest truly are,” he said. 

The IBMS Support Hub ran two special online sessions on careers in biomedical science.

The first was a spotlight on biomedical science specialisms, featuring Jo Horne on histopathology and Sarah Pitt on virology, among others.

This was followed by a conversation on paths into the profession.

Recordings of these sessions can be accessed here.

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