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Digital Pathology group

The IBMS discussion group for digital pathology is looking for new members to attend and facilitate at virtual meetings.

There are a number of leadership roles within the group to fill too, including Treasurer, Secretary and committee members.

This group offers an opportunity for biomedical scientists to share their knowledge and experience of digital pathology in the laboratory and will feature talks on all aspects of digital pathology, including implementation, safety and artificial intelligence.

Meetings will be open to all interested IBMS members and will take place online.

The group will be headed by Chloe Knowles, Specialist Biomedical Scientist at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Chloe said: “I’d like to be able give people a place where they can come and learn and discuss how we can raise the profile of the biomedical science staff in such an important advancement for the pathology sector.”

For info, email [email protected]

Image Credit | Shuttestock

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