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Awards for NHS Fife team

The microbiology and emergency care team at NHS Fife has won an award for its improvement to flu testing.

NHS Fife was awarded Top Team at the Achievement Awards 2018, recognising the hard work and dedication of its staff members.

This award is for teams that provide an exceptional service and whose work makes a significant impact on services and patients.

The microbiology and emergency team established an innovative rapid flu testing system at the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy, which reduced the time taken to confirm flu cases from 24 hours to 30 minutes.

The team verified and implemented the new system and trained staff members on its use in only seven days. Results were available in 30 minutes, making it possible for flu and RSV to be diagnosed and treated in real time.

As a result, clinical staff were able to facilitate patient flow through the hospital during a period of intense activity by reducing admissions, discharging earlier and making better use of limited isolation facilities.

Among the winners was IBMS member Lisa Logan, a Senior Biomedical Scientist (pictured). Lisa won the NHS Support Services Award, which recognises excellence and celebrates those with an exceptional work ethic.

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