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500 verifications undertaken

An IBMS member has now completed 500 portfolio verifications on behalf of the Institute. 

Geoffrey Trew, who was a Chief Biomedical Scientist, based at George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton, was awarded the IBMS 50 Year Medal in 2016 (pictured) for his continuous service.

He said: “Being a portfolio verifier is a time commitment, but a truly rewarding one and a role I cannot recommend enough. It allows the sharing of best practice, encourages consistency of standards and development of the candidate and the assessor.”

He added: “I find the process stimulating, especially as I am witnessing the changes in lab technology and I can reflect on those changes from when I started over 50 years ago.”

Becoming an IBMS portfolio verifier or examiner is an excellent opportunity for continuing professional development and for engaging with a network of biomedical scientists who share a common interest in training and maintaining professional standards. 

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