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“Cherie is an amazing individual”

IBMS Licentiate Cherie Beckett has received the Amazing Individual Award from the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, Harlow.

The trust’s Amazing People Awards are for staff members who deserve recognition for the amazing work they do.

Cherie was nominated for her work to raise the profile of biomedical scientists by working with the IBMS to create #IBMSChat on social media, and her work with the children’s charity Harvey’s Gang.

She said: “I started at the very bottom, with no degree and no experience, but through sheer determination and motivation, and a huge amount of support from Princess Alexandra, I have been able to progress and hope to continue to do so.

“I am still processing the fact that someone noticed me and was kind enough to put my name forward, but also that the judging committee felt me worthy of this achievement. It has truly humbled me.”

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