November 2019

New test for chronic hepatitis B

A new laboratory tool may improve the diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. 

New insights into tuberculosis

During infection the main causative agent of tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, secretes a large number of effector proteins through type VII secretion systems.

My lab: examinations of parasitology

Healthcare Scientist Specialist Agatha Christie Santos Saez gives a guided tour of her UK NEQAS Parasitology laboratory.

Here to help: Higher Specialist Diplomas

The second of two articles in which Chris Ward, IBMS Head of Examinations, outlines the latest developments around Higher Specialist Diplomas.

November journal-based learning exercises

Please select your choice of correct answers and complete the exercises online at:

IBMS Birmingham branch lecture

The Birmingham branch evening lecture will be held on 14 November at 6.30pm.

Biomedical Scientist of the Year

The Advancing Healthcare Awards (AHA) are a now open for entries.

New activity resources for children

For those who are interested in getting youngsters involved in biomedical science activities, IBMS members have helped to develop some new activity sheets for children.

National Pathology Week

National Pathology Week takes place on 4-10 November, with the theme “exploring innovations big and small”.

My IBMS: IBMS Congress 2019

In the final coverage of IBMS Congress 2019, we thank the IBMS Birmingham Branch and congratulate the competition winners and best stands.

How to… manage a multi-generational workforce

At this year’s Congress, IBMS Deputy Chief Executive Sarah May delivered a session on multi-generational workforces. Here are some of her thoughts on the generations. We also hear from three scientists from different age groups.