May 2023

My lab: diagnostic cytopathology and molecular

Specialist Biomedical Scientist Beth Carroll gives a guided tour of her laboratory in Cornwall.

Here to help: run a Harvey's Gang tour

Ancha Joof, IBMS Events and Engagement Officer, outlines the steps that hospital laboratories need to take to organise and run Harvey’s Gang tours.

Building on a success story

Sarah May, IBMS Deputy Chief Executive, and Chris Ward, IBMS Head of Examinations, outline the launch of new limited-scope scientist reporting qualifications.

Life in cytology (without cervical screening)

Consultant Biomedical Scientist Tracey Stevenson discusses developing a diagnostic cytology service after her previous laboratory was unsuccessful in bidding for cervical screening programme work.

How to… support deaf and hard-of-hearing colleagues

Alexandra Broderick, a Biomedical Scientist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, looks at the issues and the actions that are needed.

We formed a company: creating a POCT network in Scotland

Robyn Wilson, NHS Tayside Deputy Point-of Care-Testing Manager, explains her work with colleague Jayne McKay, Point-of-Care Manager, to bring together services across Scotland.

Mesopotamia as the cradle of civilisation

From suppositories made of oak galls to sacrificing birds and taking opium, Stephen Mortlock looks back over the medical history of Mesopotamia.

Risk and the new standard

Dr David Ricketts, Head of Laboratory Process at Health Service Laboratory, and Alyson Bryant, UKAS Healthcare Accreditation Specialist, give an update on ISO 15189:2022.

A future for Harvey’s Gang

Now the IBMS is the custodian of Harvey’s Gang, we look at its amazing legacy and the positive role it has to play in the future.

The big question: histopathologist shortage

This month we ask “How can we solve the current shortage of histopathologists?”

Tackling the spread of tuberculosis

Scientists have uncovered a new route for treating infections such as TB, which they hope will lead the way to lessening global reliance on antibiotics.