March 2018

Maintain and Extend Accreditation

John Ringrow and Al Bryant follow on from their December 2017 article on approaching UKAS assessments with a feature on maintaining and extending your scope of accreditation post-grant.

The end is nigh?

Several self-created threats are coming together to create an existential threat to human dominance on Earth, argues Stephen Mortlock.

Under the microscope

What is the MIND diet? 

Preventing allergic reactions

Researchers have discovered a new mechanism in which an antibody can prevent allergic reactions in a broad range of patients.

No antibiotics for sore throats

Doctors should not prescribe antibiotics for most people with sore throats, say new guidelines. While most sore throats are caused by viral infections, research suggests antibiotics are prescribed in 60% of cases.

"Like travelling to another planet"

Pathology Services Manager Sue Alexander wanted a holiday that would also make a good CPD opportunity, so she booked a break with a difference: a trip to Antarctica.

The enzyme that defines colon cancer

Researchers have identified an enzyme that is absent in healthy colon tissue but abundant in colon cancer cells. It appears to drive the conversion of normal tissue into cancer by attaching sugar molecules, or glycans, to proteins in the cell.

How to… deliver innovation

Uthman Adesina and Bala Sirigireddy have been selected for the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme. Uthman talks through the process, while Bala gives his top tips for success.

Molecular printing advance

A new fabrication technology could allow researchers to recreate complex biological environments.

The Lutheran blood group system

The Lutheran blood group system (BGS) consists of a large number of antigens, 24 being recognised by the International Society of Blood Transfusion at the time of writing, and is also of interest in terms of the various backgrounds to the (apparent) Lu(a-b-) phenotypes. The Lutheran BGS is also incorrectly named, as will be explained shortly.

Hubs install POCT analysers

Thame and Marlow Community Hubs, within Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, have each recently installed HORIBA Medical’s latest point-of-care testing analyser, the Microsemi CRP.