October 2020

Retrograde ejaculation (a proposed accreditation method)

David Sanders and colleagues discuss laboratory assessment of samples for retrograde ejaculation and outline how accreditation could work.

Medical eponyms (part 2): Aloysius Alzheimer

This is the second of selected short biographies of persons whose names are directly used for diseases, conditions, syndromes or tests familiar to those working in clinical pathology laboratories.

The great big biomedical lockdown quiz (part 3)

The third instalment of our biomedical science quiz. This time, we have a picture round and eight questions relating to ultrastructure, compiled by Catherine Griffiths, an Electron Microscopist from the Biomedical Imaging Unit at University Hospital Southampton.

Triad of molecules for COVID-19

Professor of immunobiology Adrian Hayday explains how three molecules could be used to predict deterioration in patients with COVID-19.

Boiling point: workplace pressures

Senior Specialist Biomedical Scientist Azuma Kalu looks at pressure in the workplace and presents two case studies.

Hong Kong flu

The Hong Kong flu outbreak of 1968-70 claimed over one million lives worldwide. Retired GP Elizabeth Clyde reflects on her first-hand experiences from this widely forgotten pandemic.

Tech news: October 2020

This month's top tech news stories

Vitamin K deficiency: a case study

Alison Hadfield, a Healthcare Science Section Leader in core haematology from the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, presents a vitamin K-deficiency patient case study.

Unique medical imaging framework

Researchers are developing a unique medical image processing framework aimed at helping oncologists treat lung cancer tumours more effectively.