January 2022

My lab: The laboratory on the island

Chief Biomedical Scientist in Biochemistry Charlie Houston gives a guided tour of Chemical Pathology at Noble’s Hospital on the Isle of Man.

Here to help: Ready for 2022

IBMS Education Manager Richardia Penn with the latest on assessment, verification and training.

The Biomedical Scientist live: roundup

At the end of last year, a two-day online event took place to give members the chance to further their professional development at a time when many in-person events were still cancelled. In this Roche Diagnostics-sponsored roundup we look at some of the key takeaway messages from eight sessions, followed by a CPD exercise.

How to... create the best CPD portfolio

At the end of last year Mark Cioni, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science, received an award for his outstanding CPD. Here he gives advice on how to maintain a portfolio.

Blood transfusion: Improvement and development

Emma Copperwaite, a Transfusion Improvement and Development Lead, explains how the creation of her role led to a leaner, harmonised, quality-assured and cost-effective service.

Medical eponyms pt 7(1): Crohn's disease

This is the seventh in a series of short biographies of persons whose names are directly used for diseases, conditions or syndromes familiar to those in clinical pathology laboratories.

The COVID infodemic

Léa Surugue, who works on misinformation with the French government and has co-authored a book on the subject, looks at how it has gained traction in the pandemic and what can be done to debunk false claims.

Under the microscope: AB569 AD Bactericidal Agent

This month: AB569 Bactericidal Agent

Detecting tumour cell death after novel therapy

Scientists have demonstrated ​​that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to detect early signs of tumour cell death in response to a novel virus-based cancer therapy.

30 minute UTI test

The University of Liverpool has formed a new spin-out company, PhenUtest Diagnostics Ltd, to take forward state-of-the-art medical device technology that aims to revolutionise the diagnosis of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Interactive COVID-19 risk tool

A new interactive graphic developed by UK researchers will help people decide what to do in everyday situations to protect themselves, and others, from COVID-19.