August 2021

The lab coat superstars

A round-up of just some of the highlights of this year’s Biomedical Science Day.

Going green

What environmental issues do labs face and what actions can be taken to try and increase sustainability? Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science Sheri Scott looks at the issue.

A new screening paradigm

Dr Eric Klein explains why a new blood test that can detect more than 50 types of cancer is set to have a huge clinical impact.

Microscopic imaging without a microscope

A new technique has been developed that uses high-throughput sequencing, instead of a microscope, to obtain ultra-high-resolution images of gene expression from a tissue slide.

The big question: COVID cases

How concerning is the increase in COVID-19 cases?

Urine test to detect brain tumours

MicroRNAs in urine could be a promising biomarker to diagnose brain tumours and regular urine tests could help early detection and treatment, it is claimed.

“Low omega-3 index is strong predictor of early death”

New research claims that a low Omega-3 Index is just as powerful in predicting early death as smoking.

Under the microscope: Escape rooms

This month: Escape rooms

My lab: The collaborative laboratory

Specialist Biomedical Scientist Phil Cummings gives a guided tour of the laboratories at St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Here to help: Progress after a crisis

Jocelyn Pryce reflects on the past year as she leaves her role as Deputy Executive of Education at the IBMS.

Distance learning...or social distancing

With students due to go back to university next month, David Eccleston, Head of Modernising Scientific Careers at Liverpool Clinical Laboratories, explores education’s response to the pandemic.