April 2022

My lab: A genomics unit in Wales

Joanne Watkins, Senior Biomedical Scientist and Deputy Head of Pathogen Genomics Unit, gives a guided tour of her laboratory in Cardiff.

Here to help: Public engagement

With public engagement events taking place again, IBMS Head of Communications Dan Nimmo offers ideas and resources to help members.

Q&A: Awarded a PHD aged 69

At the age of 69, Ron Turner was awarded a PhD for his work on antimicrobial resistance. We hear about his experiences.

Congress 2022

With the wait finally over, hundreds of sessions took place at IBMS Congress – the biggest biomedical science event of its kind.

Breaking the cycle

Gareth Richardson, a Laboratory Medicine Training Officer, outlines an innovative approach to recruitment of support staff.

Spherocytes and irregularly contracted cells

Barbara J. Bain, Professor of Diagnostic Haematology and Honorary Consultant Haematologist, analyses spherocytes and irregularly contracted cells.

Wilson's disease

This is the ninth in a series of short biographies of persons whose names are directly used for diseases, conditions or syndromes familiar to those in clinical pathology laboratories.

“Diabetes in COVID-19 patients may be transitory”

Many COVID-19 patients newly diagnosed with diabetes during hospital admission may in fact have a temporary form of the disease related to the acute stress of the viral infection, it is claimed.

Under the microscope: The Gambela

This month: The Gambela

“Deep learning poised to improve breast cancer imaging”

Researchers have developed a new image reconstruction approach that could improve breast cancer detection.