Slime of the times

Sarah J Pitt and Alan Gunn write about their search for new antibiotics, which has taken them out of the laboratory and into the vegetable patch. 

Groundbreaking new cancer test?

Dr Susie Cooke leads a team that has developed cancer tests, which could lead to a breakthrough in understanding the deadly disease.

My Lab: molecular parasitology research

Adewale Oke, a doctoral student in medical microbiology, gives a guided tour of his lab at the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research in Lagos, Nigeria. 

How to... reflect

Richard Lovie, a Senior Biomedical Scientist working in cytology at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, reflects on reflection.

British Journal of Biomedcial Science: issue 4 - a synopsis

Editor Andrew Blann outlines the content of the autumn issue of the journal.

A case study: transport perfusion fluid

Daniel Weiand, Consultant Microbiologist and Educational Lead, reflects on the role of abdominal organ transport perfusion fluid culture.

Supporting biomedical research

In 2019, the IBMS awarded research grants totalling almost £27,000. Here, the seven recipients explain their grant-supported projects.

Pre-eclampsia blood test

How an integrated team improved the safety of mothers and babies using angiogenic biomarkers for pre-eclampsia.

The rise of POCT

We look at the rapid ascent of POCT – the tests that are redefining diagnostics and breaking down barriers between laboratories and patients.

Understanding pre-analytics: linking labs to wards

Wisdom Musabaike and Malti Nakrani from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children outline a project to reduce the number of pre-analytical errors.

Reptilian muscles

Biologist Dr Rui Diogo discusses the discovery of embryonic hand muscles and their evolutionary implications.