MRI for prostate cancer screening?

A new clinical study will test for the first time if MRI scans can be used for population screening to detect prostate cancer more accurately.

"Cancer survivors have increased risk"

Survivors of childhood cancer are at increased risk of suffering prematurely from cardiovascular disease in adulthood, says a new study.

My lab: the cancer biomarkers team

Ruth Riisnaes gives a guided tour of her lab at the Institute of Cancer Research in Sutton.

Digital pathology for the NHS

The government has announced that it is in discussion with Roche Diagnostics and partners to support the mainstream implementation of Digital Pathology services across the NHS.

NHS workforce boost planned

Health Education England (HEE) has published a long-awaited plan for how to tackle staffing issues in NHS cancer services.

NI members win award

IBMS members were among the award winners at this year’s Advancing Healthcare Awards for Northern Ireland.

Predicting breast cancer risk

Professor Gareth Evans explains his test for genetic breast cancer, which could reduce unnecessary pre-emptive mastectomies.

Histopathology reporting survey results

Brian Nation analyses the figures and draws out the trends from a survey of biomedical scientists on histopathology reporting training. 

Histopathology reporting: IBMS and RCPath statement

The IBMS and Royal College of Pathologists have come together to produce “The Role of Biomedical Scientists in Histopathology Reporting: A Joint Statement from the Royal College of Pathologists and Institute of Biomedical Science”. 

My histopathology lab

Jo Horne, an Advanced Practitioner Healthcare Scientist, gives a guided tour of her histopathology lab, which is part of the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

Ovarian cancer blood test screening

A study led by University College London says that women at risk of ovarian cancer should have a blood test every four months.