Clinical Chemistry

Clinical chemistry classics pt 4b: cardiac markers

In the second instalment of his three-part look at cardiac markers, Stephen Clarke continues his historic analysis of landmark moments in clinical chemistry.

Nutrition and the elderly

Consultant Chemical Pathologist Ruth Ayling looks at the diets of those over 65 years old and examines why they have different nutritional needs from younger adults.

FIT for the future

Research and Development Scientist Carolyn Piggott looks at advances around faecal immunochemical tests for symptomatic groups. 

POCT blood tests for GPs

Blood tests to determine if patients need antibiotics are to be rolled out at doctors’ surgeries in Greater Manchester.

Clinical chemistry classics pt 4a: cardiac markers

In the fourth of our series looking at landmark moments in clinical chemistry, Stephen Clarke turns his attention to cardiac markers.

My Lab: The patient-focused laboratory

Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust provides a wide range of services across East and North Bir

New disposable tips

Tecan has introduced a selection of clear Liquid Handling disposable tips, intended for use with Air LiHa, Air FCA and Cavro ADP pipetting options.

A day in the life of... Nigel Brown

I am a Consultant Clinical Scientist in Toxicology at Wansbeck Hospital in Northumberland. I lead the toxicology 
service and my responsibilities include reporting drug screens, post-mortem toxicology for the coroner, and preparing reports for social services. 

Clinical chemistry classics pt.3

In the third of our series looking at landmark moments in clinical chemistry, Stephen Clarke turns his attention to amylase and alkaline phosphatase.

New data for Hologic’s aptima HPV assay

New data presented at the International Papillomavirus Conference reinforces the evidence for the sensitivity and specificity of Hologic’s aptima HPV assay.

Journal-based learning exercises April 2017

Journal-based learning exercises for April 2017. You may complete as many JBL exercises as you wish and you are not restricted by specialty.