Scientific Laboratory Show

The Scientific Laboratory Show and Conference is returning to the East Midlands Conference Centre at the University of Nottingham next week.

KH Lifetime Achievement 2018

CSO award winners

The Chief Scientific Officer’s (CSO) 2018 Healthcare Science Awards, took place at The Royal Society in London. 

C Barker

Obituary: Christine Mary Barker

Christine joined the Institute in 1957 and spent the first half of her professional career in the Public Health Laboratory Service, working in laboratories in Birmingham, Derby and Nottin

Members celebrate Biomedical day

The day is to recognise and celebrate the profession and the vital responsibility of biomedical laboratory personnel in preventative and diagnostic healthcare systems.

University of Lincoln Shutterstock

Student society joins IBMS

It is officially the twenty-sixth IBMS student affiliate society.

Kirigami under the microscope

Kirigami under the microscope

Fascinating, but this isn’t a craft magazine.

“One-stop shops to speed up diagnosis”

"One-stop shop to speed up cancer diagnosis"

Special centres that are aimed at speeding up cancer diagnosis are being introduced across England.

Introduce mutations to tackle sickle cell

Introduce mutations to tackle sickle cell

University of New South Wales scientists used gene editing to introduce the mutations into blood cells as a way to boost fetal hemoglobin production.

How did gonorrhoea become drug resistant?

How did gonorrhoea become drug resistant?

The claim comes from a paper on the evolution of drug-resistant gonorrhoea, that is hoped to be useful in monitoring and potentially defending against the disease.

Test for autism in children

Both tests – one blood and one urine – are based on a previously discovered link between damage to proteins in blood plasma and autism.