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Meningitis test results in an hour

Researchers have developed a diagnostic meningitis test that provides results within an hour.

The LAMP (Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) test can be used with blood, spinal fluid or nasal swab samples.

It has been developed by Queen’s University in partnership with the Belfast Trust.

Research has shown that the LAMP test is accurate, but further work is required to demonstrate the practicality of testing being undertaken by a clinician in a hospital environment.

Rob Dawson, Head of Support at the Meningitis Research Foundation, said: “Meningitis can be difficult to detect, and rapid identification and treatment is vital to save lives. 

“There is an urgent need for developments in this area and we look forward to seeing how this test will work in a hospital or healthcare setting.”

A two-year clinical research study on the new test began at the Royal Belfast Hospital in September.

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