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Celebrating the profession

The first ever Biomedical Science Day was held on 19 July, in honour of the birthday of IBMS founder Albert Norman. 

This year’s theme was celebrating and promoting the diverse roles of members in biomedical science. IBMS members from as far away as Finland, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya took part. Here are some statistics from the day:

  • IBMS social media posts were seen by 166,198 people on the day. 
  • The institute’s dedicated website page attracted 834 visits.
  • The IBMS received 125 requests for posters and sent out over 600 worldwide. 
  • It also sent out 49 Albert Norman birthday cards to members born on 19 July.
  • Over 250 biomedical staff responded to the IBMS photo requests and 294 people supported its Facebook profile ribbon campaign.

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