NI labs highly commended

Leading organisations across a wide range of sectors have been recognised for their commitment to graduate employability and pioneering research at Ulster University’s Annual Impact Excellence Awards ceremony.

Viral suppression helps to prevent AIDS-defining cancers

Early, sustained antiretroviral therapy that results in long-term viral suppression, helps to prevent AIDS-defining cancers and, to a lesser degree, non-AIDS-defining cancers, it is claimed.

IBMI Member Prizes

IBMS AGM members awarded prizes

These prestigious prizes go to the biomedical scientists who have shown excellence in their fields of study over the course of the year.

"Mind-boggling" conversion to neurons

This is possible with the addition of just four proteins, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine in the US have found.

Molecular mechanisms of parkinson's

For years, scientists have known that Parkinson’s is associated with a build-up of alpha-synuclein protein inside brain cells.

BMS Trio

Increased funding for Biomedical Science Day 2018

To help members celebrate on 19 July, the Albert Norman Trust Fund agreed to release funds for members wishing to develop their public engagement activities.

Anthony J Harding

Obituary: Anthony J Harding (1944-2018)

Tony commenced full-time laboratory work in May 1961, at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children on Hackney Road, East London, subsequently registered as a student member of the Institu

Vaccine to treat lung cancer

AST-VAC2 is a collaboration agreement between Cancer Research UK and Asterias Biotherapeutics Inc.

Genetic atlas of proteins

This will be used to enhance our understanding of a wide range of diseases and aid development of new drugs.

Bone Marrow Matrix

Creating human bone marrow tissue

For years researchers have been trying to reproduce bone marrow in the lab to better understand the mechanisms of blood formation and to develop new therapies.